All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @TeamRN1: "Sailors know the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible but they have never found these dangers sufficient for remaining ashore".

RT @Anglusndola: @JamesCleverly I think @AllisterHeath @Telegraph today will show how too many consider themselves including Ms #FionaOnasanya "Our decadent new elite can't see that it's sown the seeds of its own ruin" #Clegg #NewConservatives #NewRadicals #Brexit

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: A bit of Twitter advice from Mark Twain...

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: Tony Blair, he who conceded our EU rebate, praises #Miliband for refusing the British people a vote on continued EU membership!

RT @Gavin1882: @JeremyVineOn5 The Brexit Party, I voted to leave. At least they will fight for that , including genuine people like Martin Daubney @MartinDaubney and Dr David Bull @drdavidbull 🇬🇧

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: This explains why immigration will continue unless we #LeaveEU

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: Remarkable. Islamic terrorists kill dozens in #Brussels and lefties crawl onto my timeline to accuse me of being a racist. #deme…

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: Map dated 1827, showing the Falkland Islands with their current title. NO sign of "Argentina". Whoops.

RT @DVATW: RT @DVATW: Who stays on a sinking ship?