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Veiko Spolitis (Unity) retweeted @Jurisu :

RT @Jurisu: .@Latvijas_armija karavīru (M.Dāboliņš, J. Laķis) varonība atspoguļota @RodLurie filmā - "#TheOutpost''! Kītingas kauja bija viena no smagākajām kaujām Afganistānā, kur 🇺🇸 un 🇱🇻 karavīri pretojās talibu kaujiniekiem. Filma parādīsies kinoteātros 3. jūlijā…

RT @HeleneBismarck: Highly recommend this conversation between @gideonrachman & @ConStelz , explaining why the ruling of Germany‘s highest court on #Eurobonds & the Merkel-Macron plan for a European #recoveryfund are not necessarily contradictory events.… via @financialtimes

RT @ThreeSeas24: In 2018, 🇵🇱 and 🇱🇹 signed a cooperation agreement on Harmony Link, an HVDC underwater cable between the two states. It will allow the Baltic States to synchronize their electricity grid with the EU's by 2025, ending their reliance on Russia Map by @BiznesAlert & @wjakobik_en

RT @Anakoyher: Пишут, что рейтинг Путин мог бы подскочить до небес, если бы его прокатили на лафете по Красной площади. Хотелось бы убедиться, что люди не врут.

RT @DellAnnaLuca: Leaked documents from the European CDC meeting of the 18th of February (a week before Italy put some cities in quarantine) show that the ECDC evaluated the risks for the population as "low" and the risk for healthcare systems as "low or moderate". (thread)

RT @AnarHus99825503: Test operations of TAP completed in 🇬🇷 and as of today first molecules of natural gas from 🇦🇿 have been introduced into 🇦🇱 section of TAP. For the first time in its history 🇦🇱 receives natural gas through a pipeline and becomes a part of European energy map.

RT @elisabethbraw: RT @elisabethbraw: Beijing is clearly hoping we're so occupied with coronavirus that we won't pay attention.

Veiko Spolitis (Unity) retweeted @cepa :

RT @cepa: Don't miss @general_ben, @JBugajskiUSA, and @LaurenSperanza outline a new strategy for NATO's Eastern flank. Reserve your spot today ➡️