All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for New Lynn. Authorised by D Russell, 1885 Great North Rd, Auckland

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RT @QasimRashid: I don’t understand Farsi but this spoke to my soul. You don’t have to understand a word of Farsi to be moved by this. This Iranian short film won an award at the Luxor Film Festival. The film maker is only 20 years old. Just watch...

@chetibby I got every week that Parliament sits. And in the recess weeks we often have work elsewhere: eg sslect committee meeting in Queenstown a couple of weeks ago. So yes, I fly most weeks.

Deeply worried because the husband has just said is he following J0rd&n P3t3rson on Twitter, because it's worth understanding what all sorts of different people are saying. So far he's not impressed. But hmmmm....

RT @maniiicity: My fam and I were meant to go to the Hindu temple today for my grandpas bday, but early this morning they got a call that it’s closed today because yesterday a white man walked to the priest and said that this temple didn’t belong in NZ, and this morning the garden was destroyed.

RT @richardhills777: We love to see it. We got 3-4 days of water supply back in the dams/reservoirs yesterday. And the water will still be pouring in off the mountains. Plus you’re all still saving around 120 million litres per day compared to this time last year. That’s a huge effort! @watercare_nz

@nzindmgt @FlyAirNZ I always try to change my seat to an F seat on the way down, and an A seat on the way home.

RT @michaelwoodnz: Rounding up a stunning week on the beaches of the East Cape and we find @BeeFaerie staying just up the road at one of the Coast’s best swimming beaches. Brunch/swim/scones on the deck ensue.

RT @jameskzeigler: RT @jameskzeigler: If you see me tweeting and I have not replied to your email, please understand it is because I do not use my brain when…

RT @cctv_idiots: RT @cctv_idiots: Filming bats upside down looks like a goth nightclub β—½