All deleted tweets from politicians

MP Kaipara ki Mahurangi electorate. Authorised by Chris Penk, 365 Main Road, Huapai (“And who is Christopher Penk,the man who has done fuck all.”)

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RT @MoniquePoirier_: RT @MoniquePoirier_: What’s the age at which one actually *feels* like an adult?

RT @MoniquePoirier_: Deciding on where billions of dollars will be spent and then flicking it off to someone else to actually deliver sounds like a pretty sweet gig to be honest.

Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @jrmeager :

RT @jrmeager: RT @jrmeager: When you tie the game and still lose.

RT @MoniquePoirier_: But supposedly they know that 90% *have* been vaccinated...right? So it logically follows that they should know how many haven’t been. Unless they actually have no idea of the former either, of course.

RT @Coltheman1: In light of the revelations by @JennaLynchNZ on @NewshubNZ on Wednesday night regarding state house numbers, builds, sales and demolitions is Megan Woods guilty of misleading the house with some of her answers over the last 3.5 yrs? @JudithCollinsMP @NicolaWillisMP

Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @jrmeager :

RT @jrmeager: This is very exciting. Excruciatingly high house prices are soon to be coupled with increasingly onerous interest rates.

RT @louisdonovan01: RT @louisdonovan01: Definitely would go to more uni if the boss lectured all of the classes @ChrisPenknz #NZpol

RT @louisdonovan01: This is painfully out of touch especially considering that us students in Wellington are facing some of the highest rents in the county. We don’t have the luxury of looking elsewhere.

RT @louisdonovan01: RT @louisdonovan01: Was a bit confused why we were asked to do this... but they definitely wanted Chris

RT @louisdonovan01: RT @louisdonovan01: Hot Cross Bun with the best topping - butter and Vegemite ◽