All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MEP for London. Vice President @TheProgressives, European Parliament. Chair @EP_Justice 2014-19. Director @JCWI_UK 1992-98.

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RT @arshi_mona: @tweeter_anita I actually have no words ūüė∂

RT @bypatrickdaly: Enjoying voters in swing seats being asked which film stars should play the party leaders (@LordAshcroft polling) Johnso…

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

The Tory/UKIP Billboard. Their immigration/NHS one doesn't have a yellow jacket/vest, but it does have Australian points. They have been working hard on the imagery.

RT @butwhatifitsall: @alantravis40 @pollytoynbee I do reject ‚Äúthrowing away the key‚ÄĚ. I also reject any politician who seeks to make politi‚Ķ

RT @helenlewis: RIP Clive James, author of many incredible poems ("Japanese Maple" is a particular favourite), but nothing quite as relatab…

RT @TheTonySlattery: Oh my god, I've jumped 2,000 followers in a day. Can I just say: thanks to everyone for your best wishes, I am trying…

@d_boeselager @Tineke_Strik I signed this letter but am not featured for some reason.

RT @leonardocarella: ‚ÄúCybersecurity cooperation with Russia‚ÄĚ‚Ķ

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

I hope the world has a look at the state of right wing UK newspapers. This low, exploitative "journalism" is normal for them. But when the father of one of these fine young people who were murdered is pleading with them not to do it, it takes on a whole new meaning.