All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MEP for London. Vice President, S&D Group in the European Parliament. Chair, @EP_Justice 2014-19.

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RT @MarkDiStef: NEW: A journalist who wrote more than 2,600 articles for Breitbart — often authoring the website's European migrant coverag…

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

Well done to all those who protested & petitioned, great news - BBC News - UK to stay in Interrail scheme after U-turn…

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

That's sad.

RT @LordCFalconer: Chief Sec to Treasury says a lot of this £2.1b would have to be spent anyway because we are leaving the EU, not because…

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

A reminder that Peter Foster works for the Daily Telegraph. But that rare thing now in U.K. journalism - a consistently objective, cerebral editor whatever increasingly crazy line his paper takes.

RT @SebDance: Can’t be left behind as Jacob Rees-Mogg takes us back to the 18th Century!

Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

Even by their gutter standards this is something.

RT @realAliTweets: American hostages released from N Korea during the Obama administration: 1. Euna Lee 2. Laura Ling 3. Robert Park 4. Ai…

@DavidLammy @lynbrownmp "Coloured", "go home", Trump's hair - its like the racist 1970s are being exhumed. Along with a load of creeps who feel newly empowered.

In this case our beloved colleague & former MEP Rita Borsellino. Claudio Fava another example. In this Parliament MEP & anti-mafia judge @CaterinaCinnic continues that brave tradition and legislating in the field of organised & financial crime & money laundering.