All deleted tweets from politicians

@Alliance4Unity Former MEP for Scotland Campaigning for the Union and Libertarianism Fine Art Dealer

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RT @ColinParryPeace: We all do and say things when young that we later regret. @clairefox never apologised for defending the IRA bombing of Warrington which took the life of my son Tim and Johnathan Ball. Now she is offered a Peerage. This offends me and many others deeply

RT @darrengrimes_: I have started legal proceedings against the @BBC for what they said about me during @BBCRadio4's Six O’Clock News on 2 July 2020.…

RT @dannsair01: RT @dannsair01: So first night oot in Kirkcaldy & who do we bump into... UKIPs David Coburn! #Wetherspoons #Kirkcaldy

RT @DarrenPlymouth: Brexit Party MEPs have left the European Parliament for the final time led by Ann Widdecombe. Bring the flag home. #BrexitDay

RT @TheScotsman: RT @TheScotsman: SNP candidate Julie McAnulty in racism row…

RT @FigelNarrage: @coburn4brexit Look thicktard. If more left / centrist people are in positions of power, then that’s because they are better educated. It’s a fact the the right are less educated, hence their simpleton politics

RT @DavidAGunn1: RT @DavidAGunn1: If he's not honourable enough to resign, he'll be deposed, along with Osbourne & Carney.…