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RT @mattwridley: "The USSR and Nazi Germany spent the first 22 months of the war as allies. Theirs was not some cold, perfunctory non-aggre…

RT @SteveBakerHW: 'What we are seeing is not a “Brexit crisis” but the precise opposite: an un-Brexit crisis, a crisis caused by the refusa…

@jono_charles The Afghans?

@benevans_ATAC Eighty-five per cent of MPs elected in 2017 stood on manifestoes. Promising to implement the referendum result. Jess was one of them.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

To be fair, if the only cause you care about is stopping Brexit, you shouldn’t vote Conservative. Plenty of moderate Remainers will back the Tories because they support free enterprise, school choice, more police &c. But if all you want is to reverse the referendum, go elsewhere.

@DestinationDan When we took over, Britain had a higher deficit than Greece. We’ve done pretty well since.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) retweeted @tomhfh :

RT @tomhfh: Why are all these Remainers so obsessed with empire?