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Eve Adams

Eve Adams | Hamilton Resident 29 years | Former MP | UN | 3 term City Councillor | Director: Enersource Corp; LAC| Best role is: Mom. #HamOnt

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Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @slangtro :

@slangtro Which street, please? Also, judging me by what someoneone else did... story of my life. My real work history is concrete, progressive and substantial.

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @slangtro :

@slangtro @HamOntRules @alexdaiglecup @JoeyColeman DM your address. I’ll pop by tonight if you missed the mailer.

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @BrenTesser :

@BrenTesser @KingAndJames @PippenandFiona @Deadhead1968 @mikesmoniz Hi Brenda- thanks for your note. What is your postal code?

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @karl_andrus :

@karl_andrus So, so much wrong in that tweet. My signs will be going up on private property- from homeowners.

Eve Adams (unknown) replied to @t_follwell :

@t_follwell Hi Tianna-Please DM me. Am happy to pop by. You didn’t receive my 1st, large 11” x 17” brochure? I’ve visited every street already. We track which side I doorknock vs volunteers +am on track to have most door-knocked + not just lit dropped by EDay. Can’t wait to meet you!

@Deadhead1968 @PippenandFiona @KingAndJames @mikesmoniz Yes, exactly. I live 3 minutes away. Am happy to move into Ward 8 if people feel it’s important- but they don’t. I’ve offered over 300 times at the door and my offer truly stands. I will honour it. However, this is a twitter story fed by people who don’t actually live in Ward 8.

Eve Adams (unknown) tweeted :

We’ve secured over 3100 sign locations, 3158 tonight, to be exact. Up for some sign building? Could use your help. We start at the end of September. #HamOnt

Eve Adams (unknown) tweeted :

No Mr.Andrus. If you live in Ward 8 you would have received a large 11” x 17” doc discussing many issues- in it, I commit not to run again for 4 years.

Eve Adams (unknown) tweeted :

Hi! We’re counting down to E-Day. I could really use your help. Please DM me if you’ve got an hour to #Volunteer. Wanna talk? Gotta great role for you. Wanna build signs and not chat? I could really use your help. #Volunteer #Hamilton #Ward 8

Eve Adams (unknown) tweeted :

Should the Globe fix or ban online comments? Toronto Star now bans. CBC registers. Free Speech vs Non-Trolls. #tough…