All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @laurinliu: RT @laurinliu: I cannot stop flipping between these two tweets

RT @AndywellsWells: How would UNIFOR know whether anyone has signed said card?Is signing said card expressly forbidden under UNIFOR constitution/by-laws?Before excommunication does UNIFOR C/Bylaws require a fair trial-not a witch hunt.…

RT @AndywellsWells: RT @AndywellsWells: @kavs86 What is updog

RT @viIanelIe: RT @viIanelIe: why do sitcoms even try to be funny anymore if they know nothing is ever going to top this scene

RT @stonecold2050: This image has really got me this morning A man wanting to jump off a bridge, stopped by strangers who held him until help arrived to get him down safely. Look at that grip, the care, compassion, selflessness & determination shown by complete strangers to a fellow human being

RT @stonecold2050: The 92 year old Queen Elizabeth II of England out in the rain tonight attending a ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. She's also a WWII Veteran.

RT @AprilJMacDonald: My Dad. A fisherman since he was a boy. Fishing off the Grand Banks by the time he was 12. This year he decorated his crab boat and sent me this photo. #nl #cbcnl @CBCNL @cbcnfldmorning #fishnl @Fishermansroad

RT @backt0nature: RT @backt0nature: Trying to impress cats and failing is universal

RT @dougjonesnl: RT @dougjonesnl: Bit of pack ice in Conception Bay #nlwx

RT @KyleGreenham: Upon my return, the Sebastian Sails has begun its plunge sinking into the water. A fuel containment parameter is in place for leaking fuel.