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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

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RT @garethharding: How Covid changed #Brussels. My piece for @BrusselsTimes on how the pandemic brought devastation but also the prospect of a cleaner, quieter & more creative capital city.…

RT @IdriAlgerie: 14ème Conférence des #MAE des pays du Dialogue 5+5 sous la co-Présidence de @Messahel_MAE et @JY_LeDrian avec la participation de tous les MAE

RT @Institut_IRE: In a few hours we start... 😎 16th Salzburg Europe Summit 🇪🇺 🗓 27. - 29th September 2020 📍 Salzburg Congress ➡️ follow via Livestream! 🌐 🔤 multi-lingual 🇦🇹/🇩🇪, 🇬🇧/🇺🇸, 🇷🇸/🇭🇷/🇧🇦/🇲🇪

RT @PaoloGentiloni: #Svizzera, vince il No alla proposta di limitare la libera circolazione delle persone. Bella domenica democratica ed europea nel paese dei #referendum.

Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

Nun wäre es an der Zeit, sich verstärkt den Beziehungen zwischen der #EU und der #Schweiz zu widmen. Wir sind bereit für allfällig notwendige Klarstellungen zur ausverhandelten Vereinbarung von 2018. 2/2

RT @RoHeinrich: Diese Grafik zeigt die Welt nach 4°C Temperaturanstieg. Die orangenen + dunkelgrauen Flächen sind dann unbewohnbar. Ich werde diese Grafik jedem zeigen, für den es eine Zumutung ist, 2 Prozent der Landesfläche für Windräder zur Verfügung zu stellen. #Klimastreik @DIEZEIT

RT @EU_Commission: Happy European Day of Languages!   We have a wealth of languages in the EU and today we celebrate them all. 🇪🇺 Here are some historical, some quirky and some fun takes on EU languages from our @translatores. 👇 #EDLangs…

Johannes Hahn (unknown) tweeted :

The @EU_Commission has already presented proposals to the @Council for decisions to grant financial support of 87.3 € to 16 Member States under the instrument #SURE. 2/2 #EU_Budget #NextGenerationEU

RT @Sam1Fleming: EU seeks new powers to penalise tech giants, Thierry Breton tells the FT. Includes forcing them to break up or sell some European operations if their market dominance threatens interests of customers and smaller rivals.… via @financialtimes

RT @EU_Commission: It's #CoastalCleanupDay! You can protect our oceans from home, by 🗑️ Cleaning up your areas 🍅 Buying package-free food 🚿 Using water sensibly ♻️ Recycling With the #EUGreenDeal, we aim to reduce waste & make our economy more circular →!GF83hx #EUBeachCleanup