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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

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RT @eu_near: The🇪🇺#EU is financing the delivery✈️📦of disinfectant🧴, blankets & bedlinen to🇲🇰,🇲🇪&🇬🇪donated by🇪🇪via the🇪🇺#EU Civil Protection Mechanism. 🇸🇰also added🚑ambulances to their offer made to🇺🇦under the Mechanism earlier this week. More info➡️!hr97dM #TeamEurope

RT @WorldBank: .@WorldBank project remittances will fall around 20% due to the impact of the #COVID19 pandemic. Why the poor will be hardest hit

RT @GuntramWolff: "Rescue plans should not be about preserving pre-crisis industrial structures. The recovery should be about jump-starting a healthy post-COVID-19 economy, which could mean letting some firms fail."…

RT @CarolineGruyter: Exclusive interview with Koen Lenaerts, President of the European Court of Justice - the Court's 2018 judgment on the ECB "remains in full force. It is the only legal standard."…

RT @EU_Commission: We welcome @Europarl_EN approval of the management of the #EUbudget in 2018. This is a strong signal that every euro goes where it is needed. The EU budget is a key expression of solidarity and crucial for joint response to challenges like #coronavirus.!Qw93CT

RT @EuroParlPress: The #EPlenary starts at 15:00 with a voting session followed by a debate on #MFF & #COVID19 with @eucopresident & @vonderleyen Follow the Plenary session live at: &

RT @Europarl_EN: MEPs discuss plans to reboot Europe’s economy in light of Covid-19 on Wednesday and vote on a resolution later in the week. Learn more in our interview with @jvanovertveldt ➡️

Johannes Hahn (unknown) retweeted @fwred :

RT @fwred: The ECB bought €8.5bn in bonds per day an average last week under its PEPP programme (through Wednesday), compared with €5bn on average so far. Any complaint to be sent to @BVerfG.

RT @Channel4News: “At the time, we were liberated. Today, we must liberate ourselves… From hatred and hate speech, from xenophobia and contempt for democracy – for they are but the old evil in a new guise.” The President of Germany marks 75 years since the end of the war in Europe.

RT @ChassNews: Four ECB council members said it should not respond to the German court, because it would impinge on central bank’s independence and expose it to pressure from other national courts. A majority of ECB council members agree, via @MAmdorsky… @financialtimes