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EU-Commissioner for Budget and Administration

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RT @EP_President: The arrest of Alexey #Navalny in Moscow is an offence to the international community, to Europe that helped save his life. We ask the Russian authorities for his immediate release. We are ready to invite him to the @Europarl_EN.

RT @FilippoGrandi: In 2020, individuals, foundations and private companies donated a record $530 million to UNHCR - a 25% increase on the previous year. Their generosity is significant and inspiring as the world struggles with the impact of the coronavirus. Thank you!

RT @C_litteraire: Vous avez cru que tout pouvait se mettre en chiffres et en formules. Mais dans votre belle nomenclature, vous avez oublié la rose sauvage, les signes du ciel, les visages d'été, la grande voix de la mer, les instants du déchirement et la colère des hommes. Albert Camus

RT @carlbildt: RT @carlbildt: A wise move by Skoda! Who wants to be associated with the repression of Lukashenka?…

Johannes Hahn (unknown) retweeted @EIB :

RT @EIB: In the regional capital town of #Klagenfurt 🇦🇹, ELENA, the joint EIB-@EU_Commission initiative, helps ✅decarbonising public transportation buses ✅reducing bus traffic ✅establishing an all-electric city bus fleet What can it do for your city?

RT @josattler: First important goal achieved - 750 migrants/refugees are now placed in heated tents in #Lipa. Next steps: ➡️protection for those in makeshift tents around #Bihać ➡️fairer burden sharing across 🇧🇦. 🇪🇺 will continue to assist.

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RT @socbxl: RT @socbxl: The EU scheme making 'SURE' unemployment stays low… @PaoloGentiloni @ecfin

Johannes Hahn (unknown) retweeted @socbxl :

RT @socbxl: RT @socbxl: The EU scheme making 'SURE' unemployment stays low… @PaoloGentiloni @ecfin

RT @StanfordCISAC: RT @StanfordCISAC: Biden picks Brett McGurk for Middle East role at the National Security Council via @Stanford htt…

RT @EU_Commission: An eighth potential COVID-19 vaccine is in sight. We have concluded exploratory talks with Valneva to purchase 30 million doses of its vaccine, with the option to acquire 30 million more. This vaccine would further complement our portfolio. #SafeVaccines #StrongerTogether