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RT @JudithCollinsMP: I am very privileged to have been elected the Leader of the New Zealand National Party. Thank you to our team for their wonderful support. The work starts now..…

@toddmullerBoP @CoopsLa @75nodraeRgerG @essigna @simonjbridges @NZNationalParty I had the same. I dealt with some employers in the first few days who (commendably) received the subsidy within 24 hours. Others took many days, several took weeks. Understandably MSD were dealing with unprecedented demand, but to imply all were processed quickly is false.

RT @emirates: Today we made the decision to temporarily suspend all passenger flights by 25 March 2020. SkyCargo operations will continue. This painful but pragmatic move will help Emirates Group preserve business viability and secure jobs worldwide, avoiding cuts. 1/3

RT @nealejones: @dpfdpf @coughlthom I suspect this was just an error, as is reasonably common in Parliament. I was referring to the other recent NZTA leaks on the Super Fund bid, which appear to have come from a disgruntled source with access to board level NZTA materials.

@alwaysheapstodo I hope so, but it depends entirely on the bill that changes emerge from Select Committee. Despite that, “starting” would have been better worded as “fundamental”.

@bellamysfinest with him *to discuss* the

RT @cjsbishop: RT @cjsbishop: What is it with these guys and search bars?

RT @NZStuff: RT @NZStuff: Lake Heron - New Zealand raw beauty