All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @georgegalloway: I'M COMING BACK! | To defeat the perpetual hamster wheel of Scottish independence politics. #Indyref2 #SNPoot #MOATS STANDBY SCOTLAND @georgegalloway | @MoatsTV | @RT_com | @SputnikInt

RT @georgegalloway: I’m a man of the world, I’ve done a lot of things. You may like me you may not. But you couldn’t in your heart deny that I’d do a better job standing up to the #separatist threat to #Britain than the others #Scotland @WPB_Scotland

RT @David__Osland: I've yet to see a single heavyweight centrist ask why Labour is ten points behind in the polls. But surely it's a salient question?

RT @LuisDiNiro: One day we will realize that we betrayed our Orthodox brothers by doing this Inshallah down the road we will give back what we unlawfully stole from them

RT @sahouraxo: Beautiful. From Syria’s ancient Christian town of Maaloula, where Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, is still spoken: Syrian residents work together to rebuild homes and restaurants that were destroyed by Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks. ♥️ 🇸🇾 (Photos via @SOSCdOrient)

RT @sahouraxo: Beautiful. For the first time since Syria’s Aleppo was liberated from Al-Qaeda terrorists over 18 months ago, the children of the St. Francis Church can peacefully enjoy the start of summer camp. 🇸🇾 ❤️

RT @sahouraxo: The US Ambassador to the UN, who’s nearly 6,000 miles away from Syria, is threatening the Syrian government because it wants to free its own land and save its own people from Al-Qaeda jihadists occupying Idlib. Let that sink in.…

RT @sahouraxo: RT @sahouraxo: Will world monuments light up for the Coptic Christian men, women and children slaughtered today by ISIS in #Egypt? Not hold…