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historiador, membro e fundador do LIVRE. historian, former Member of the European Parliament, founder of @LIVREpt (PT/EN/FR/...)

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RT @Gjpvernant: RT @Gjpvernant: Désigner enfin l'impérialisme russe pour ce qu'il est en Syrie. J-P. Filiu…

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RT @Publico: RT @Publico: Música: Morreu Carlos do Carmo

RT @RunTheMouth: So we could have helped the Syrian people since 2011. We did not. We could help them now. We do the opposite. History won't be kind.

RT @robferdman: I can't believe this is real, a tax break for private jet owners: "No tax shall be imposed...on any amounts paid by an aircraft owner for aircraft management service related to...maintenance and support of the aircraft owner's aircraft or flights on the aircraft owner's aircraft"

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RT @BBCNews: “On Erasmus, it was a tough decision” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says the government will replace Erasmus with “a UK scheme for students to go around the world, it will be called the Turing scheme... named after Alan Turing”

RT @AlexWhite1812: RT @AlexWhite1812: Helmet Kohl's argument (ex-post) for not handing the Chancellorship to Schauble after 1994 was that he didn't trust him …

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RT @jb_r: RT @jb_r: C'est quand même l'argument le plus con de l'Histoire

RT @barry_corindia: RT @barry_corindia: I love all the conservatives tweeting about "out of touch Hollywood elites"

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RT @crymora: RT @crymora: #Turkey: Who said that the coup has failed?

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La splendeur de la « gauche » nationaliste, ou les idiots utiles de l’extrême droite. Que dirait Jaurès de ces gens bornées, craintives, incapables de générosité et d’utopie?