All deleted tweets from politicians

Husband, father, farmer • MS for South Wales Central • Former @WelshConserv leader • Shadow Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs @SeneddWales

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Looks like no one has told @AlunDaviesMS about @Keir_Starmer’s ban on Facebook adverts from the Labour Party. I’m sure this will be taken down & made inactive in due course as the Labour Party never like to signal a virtue or be seen as hypocrites!

Will @WelshLabour be doing the same?

On @bbc5live Mark Drakeford confirms he will will meet with his finance minister later today to discuss England’s stamp duty holiday & whether it can be replicated in the Welsh equivalent land transaction tax.

@LukeOHolland Hi Luke. Thanks for your tweets. Given the ‘appalling’ accusations that you throw around so easily I’d very much like to hear your explanation for the role you played in the 2017 reshuffle? The only appalling individual I can see around here is you.…

Another lying Lib Dem! He voted for the bill. Embarrassing.

Another awful day for the people & economy of south Wales with 369 job losses at General Electric & the threat of a further 450 at Celtic Manor. It's imperative the Welsh Labour Government does it everything it can to get Wales moving again & reopen the economy.

RT @IndiaWilloughby: Sorry, but this is totally unjustified. When there’s an act of terrorism they’re heroes - now they’re getting attacked for a murder that happened in America. They haven’t done anything! Why isn’t this on the national news? #Protests #LondonProtest

The Chancellor has introduced a six-month cut in VAT, plus ‘eat out to help out’ vouchers to support our vital tourism and hospitality sectors. The important question for businesses in Wales is will they be allowed to benefit? Let them reopen Labour @fmwales.

RT @FarmingUK: Exports of UK red meat have seen strong global demand despite the disruption caused by coronavirus lockdowns across the world…

Yet the #BBC will no doubt continue to fund divise nonsense such as that ‘Karen’ poppycock earlier this week. Auntie has lost the plot.