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Diputado distrito 13: San Miguel, PAC, Lo Espejo, El Bosque, San Ramón, La Cisterna. Presidente del Partido Comunista de Chile.


member parliament from 2008 to 2013 from NA3 peshawar member PAC of Pakistan Member parliament believes in Accountability A Pushtun N proud Pakistani

RT @gdebenedetti: Whoa: Mike Fernandez, one of Jeb's biggest super PAC donors (gave millions), backs Clinton in a Miami Herald op-ed https:…

RT @KhawajaMAsif: Following details of payment in 2013 of Power sectr (480B)wr presented in NA/PAC &r on MOF website. IK isn't mental…

@geonews_urdu pls correct my statement regarding PAC I said market price is more than rs10M

Dr. Arif Alvi (pakistan) tweeted :

PAC tasked PSM Chairman & Min of Finance to ensure that payments to PSM workers is done on time. They are the victims of mega-corruption

Dr. Arif Alvi (pakistan) tweeted :

FBR issues notices to owners of offshore comp reaction to my PAC requisitioned mtng FBR noticed to appear on 8Aug