All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @TheProgressives: Goodbye old labels! Thanks to our Group, we'll have a single 'A to G' energy label saving consumers €480 per year ⇉ 👏

David Maynier MP (DA) retweeted @OUTASA :

RT @OUTASA: Yep, we are very retarded that way. VERY. A label which we will wear with pride. Wait, let's ask OUTA members what they think...…

Ignazio Corrao (EU) tweeted :

Retweeted Agence Europe (@AgencEurope): BUSINESS: European Parliament calls for label for products manufactured...

RT @Schwarzenegger: As proud as I am to label myself a Republican, there is one label that I hold above all else - American. My full statement:

RT @LuqmanKTarakai: RT @LuqmanKTarakai: Thy only gave the Label of Ghaddari while we gave Martyrs like Askar Achakzai. #ANPDemandsJustice…

Jean Arthuis (EU) tweeted :

Emmanuel Macron proclame à Laval la délivrance du label "French Tech" à 13 métropoles dont Laval, en Mayenne.

Spate of racial killings cannot label AMERICANS as racist.In the same spirit it is expected 1.7B Muslims will not b treated as terrorists

@endless_psych says porridge on the label?