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RT @rhia97eq: RT @rhia97eq: 100 yrs ago, I wouldn't have the right to vote. Why the hell would I now vote to be governed by an unelected elite? https://t…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Congratulations to all newly elected @Conservatives; and what an amazing result for @ScotTories. #HeidDoonArseUp #GieItLaldy

RT @amirsadjady: RT @amirsadjady: In the 70s my parents didn't leave a country oppressed by an unelected regime to end up in a country shackled by the same…

A lot of people - millions - made this happen. Thank you, all of you. #Article50 #Brexit

I dunno, @DotLepkowska. Like this?

RT @cjsnowdon: RT @cjsnowdon: Why don't people pay attention to health advice? It's a mystery.

Last time was 2015, @Nocmclean. I showed some Year 7s slides of orangutans that look like Boris Johnson. This was their thankyou letter.

RT @TPCarney: RT @TPCarney: This is not a true statement.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :