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RT @GuyVerhofstadt: RT @GuyVerhofstadt: I support @EU_Commission, moving from warnings to deeds. #Poland MUST comply w/ EU's democratic principles or sanctions…

RT @BerlinProcess: EU's @Bulc_EU is key actor of support for #WesternBalkans Transport Treaty. Physical connectivity combined w/ soft measures. #WB6aTrieste…

RT @JAVerlaine: RT @JAVerlaine: EU's @VDombrovskis warns USA, #Trump on deregulation, stresses international cooperation as #G20 kicks off…

Peter Skaarup (denmark) tweeted :

Tak til Løkke for at lytte: Grænsekontrol så langt øjet rækker! EU's grænsekontrol sejler!…

Roger Helmer (EU) replied to @Geo_tweety :

@Geo_tweety We on the other hand are leaving the EU's pitch after 44 years of bitter experience. Time to break free!

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

The EU's top negotiating team will be out in force tomorrow. Sparks will fly.

Nigel Farage (EU) tweeted :

The EU's top team of negotiators will be out in force tomorrow morning. Sparks will fly.

Mariya Gabriel (EU) tweeted :

Right now @JunckerEU presenting the White Paper on EU's Future in the #EPplenary @EPPGroup @EUCouncil