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RT @frankieboyle: Boring to moan about the downside of Brexit, let’s focus on the exciting possibilities: living in an abandoned motorway services; coming up with a tasty recipe for fox; marrying a 3D-printed rifle; trading sexual favours for insulin, and vice versa - none of it will be dull.

RT @WandileSihlobo: The ANC resolution on expropriation of agricultural land without compensation -- good or bad? Let’s first figure out what it means. In this paper, we try to unpack the possible scenarios…

RT @MinisterPWD: It’s my pleasure to launch the second annual National #AccessAbility Week today! Together, let’s celebrate an inclusive and #AccessibleCanada 🇨🇦

RT @CatalansForYes: RT @CatalansForYes: Let’s go Iceland! ◽◽

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RT @sidmtweets: Let’s review status of corruption allegations against the Congress 1. Indian Court says no evidence in 2G scam 2. Italian court says no evidence in Agusta Scam 3. Modi’s CBI says no evidence against Dr Singh in Coal scam 4. National Herald is up & running

RT @sidmtweets: Sir rather than talking about how some Emperor treated his wife 300 years ago, let’s talk how the current Emperor has treated Jashodaben?…

RT @Open_Britain: MUST-READ: @junesarpong is absolutely right - Let’s put our differences aside and show that Brexit is not inevitable (£)

RT @MichaelConroy68: Men. Let’s expand our #bandwidth of acceptance & respect to include each & every male human w/out exception no matter how they walk, talk or dress. When we do this we’ll be simultaneously dismantling the #manbox that is the #1 threat to women & girls. It’s all connected.

RT @NeilRudd: Snow blizzards in Hull this evening, not sure @hullkrofficial would get played tonight in this! Let’s hope for calmer conditions tomorrow

RT @JackMcKelvie: Let’s react by using our assaults rifles, our sniper rifles, our armoured vehicles and war planes against rocks and slingshots. Absolutely disgraceful response from the US ambassador to the UN.…