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MP for Waiariki. Authorised Tāmati Coffey, Parliament Buildings, Wgtn. We’re all in this together and no one makes it out alive. So lets look after each other.

RT @khayadlanga: Hayi ke, looks like @CassperNyovest predicted this a long time ago. Does this now mean we are all going to live like we’re…

Visiting community leaders of Jabavu again, last week we spoke with Spaza shop owners, today we’re going to interact with community leaders. We continue to caution against taking law on own hands and commend government where it has acted on the issue of expired foods. #ThumaMina

We’re mourning Mama Wakanda, please. Sizilele uMme Aretha. We don’t want cake, we want scorns and OROS.

We’re done with conference now and we are gearing towards elections, warm regards to the people of Seshego who came here today to listen to remember Nelson Mandela #Mandela100

RT @floletoaba: I don’t know why abelungu get offended when we post pictures of ourselves on pvt jets & boats etc, we’re the same people wh…

Good evening South Africa - tonight we’re in Sun City with the President. Celebrating Excellence ✊🏽 #SAMA24

“We’re considering returning the land in South Africa - and all its gold,”

RT @Masandawana: Tactical meeting ✅ Light training ✅ We’re ready. 👆 #DownsBarca #Sundowns

RT @ramichuene: We are not where we’re supposed to be but we are not where they wanted us to be. The struggle continues. Aluta continua! Fo…

RT @PieterHowes: White people, pls don’t be pathetic victims and say “there’s no more place for whites in SA.” What utter rubbish. We’re no…