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RT @Partisangirl: A simple explanation of how the EU's #Article13 will censor the internet and ensure the power of monopolies. #SaveYourInternet #filternet

RT @Shelaco: I'm out of the closet, I'm pro-Brexit, mostly for anti-war reasons given EU's collaboration w. US in appalling & deadly coup in Ukraine which removed a democratically elected leader. @georgegalloway 's piece here discusses EU's democracy deficit and more:…

RT @Shelaco: I posted a piece on facebk re. EU's creators, ACUE America Committe 4 Unity in Europe, it's NATO alliance & its goal of isolating Russia. Post was deemed 2 contravene FB's community standards &blocked. So here's a bit about CIA & EU… @21WIRE @georgegalloway

RT @FatalePhlegm: @jarvo02 @georgegalloway @Slartib24574150 The #EU's unelected Napoleons and Caesars need challenging. They won't know what's hit them. #LeaveMeansLeave #Brexit #Democracy

RT @prohibition_p: Could the EU's co-ordinated approach to the #medicalcannabis market mean that the UK misses out on future opportunities? Find out in our in depth analysis:… #Brexit

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RT @tomhfh: RT @tomhfh: latest 2019 GDP forecasts for the EU's big four: ◽◽ 1.3% ◽◽ 1.3% ◽◽ 0.5% ◽◽ 0.1%…

RT @ECRepMalta: When it comes to #migration management, #Malta is a good example of #solidarity in action, in accordance with the EU's basic principles - @Avramopoulos #EUdialogues

RT @DanielJHannan: MEPs have just voted for the EU's idiotic Copyright Directive, which will restrict the ability of artists to showcase their work online, and may even result in the effective interdiction of internet memes. Thank Heaven we're leaving.

RT @EU_Commission: We are modernising the EU's common visa policy. The new rules will facilitate travel for the millions of legitimate travellers who visit the EU every year, whilst strengthening security and reducing irregular migration risks. See how!jC49pF

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He "warns" - because it's the EU's fault that the UK hasn't even begun to negotiate a replacement or new arrangements for EAW, SIS 2 database, adequacy agreement, Europol. Remember May's "Security Treaty". Haven't heard about that for a while.