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RT @G_Krzyzanowski: Insightful piece revealing major problem of German policy that affects EU's a whole - Germany doesn't assume relevant responsibility for multilateral insitutions, while using these fora to pursue its own interests. See #NordStream2 as an example. @JSaryuszWolski @SlawomirDebski…

Bernd Lange (EU) tweeted :

The US' and the EU's negotiating objectives diverge fundamentally. Imbalanced objectives will never lead to successful negotiations

Daniel Caspary (EU) tweeted :

🇬🇧 A final conversation with the EU's chief negotiator @MichelBarnier before today's Brexit vote in the @HouseofCommons. Personally, I would very much prefer the #UK to remain a Member State of the European Union. 🇪🇺

RT @AshiiK11: Chaos in EU's capital #Brussels. Massive protests have erupted in Brussels against adoption of #UNMigrationCompact. Signing of this compact means Belgium has been sold to Globalists. Protestors have been beaten and arrested.

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RT @IMPALAMusic: Read the joint call from 59 organisations to boost the @europe_creative programme ahead of the @budg vote on the #EU's future #budget 2021-2017 this afternoon: