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RT @paulmasonnews: EU's 31/10 Brexit deadline leaves 3 options... 1. Pass the deal and let Tories own it ❌ 2. Pass Labour's CU deal - both parties own it ❌ 3. Let the British people own the decision in a Second Referendum or General Election ✅

RT @pascoesabido: @GheorghiuAndy @GreensEP European Commission facing some tough questions from @MicheleRivasi: what's the EU's plan for moving away from gas? How can we spend billions on new #gas infrastructure and meet #ParisAgreement? What does the COM think of #MidCat? What is @MAC_europa's plan to tackle #methane?

RT @RikardJozwiak: the EU's ambassador to #Russia today delivered a demarche to dep FM Grushko reiterating the EU's position on the detention of the 24 Ukrainian captured near the #azovsea in Nov. #Ukraine #Crimea