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Lid Europees Parlement voor het CDA - #EP2019 CDA plek 2 - Limburgse Europeaan uit Stramproy, houdt van voetbal, muziek en theater


Für Bündnis C (@BuendnisCinfo) Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments. In seinem Amt setzt er den Mensch in den Mittelpunkt. #EP2019 @ECPM_official @ecrgroup

RT @rtetwip: RT @rtetwip: Ind MEP @lukeming discusses what his agriculture amendment means for Irish farmers. #rtetwip #rtepolitics #EP2019…

RT @cem_oezdemir: RT @cem_oezdemir: Europa. Die beste Idee, die Europa je hatte! ◽◽ @die_gruenen #EP2019

Miriam Dalli MEP (EU) tweeted :

Il-Prim Ministru @JosephMuscat_JM jipprezenta l-kandidati għall-elezzjonijiet tal-Parlament Ewropew @EP2019 @PL_Malta | #MaltafQalbna 🇲🇹❤ #TheNextLevel🇲🇹 #ilLivellLiJmiss🇲🇹

RT @IrexitFreedom: For the first time in many years voters will have a real choice in #EP2019 The continued destruction of Irish sovereignty or a vote for #Irishfreedom . Let's put Irish interests first.@hermannkelly Number 1 #kelly4dublin

Nicola Caputo (EU) tweeted :

#Meno31 Continua il #Countdown alle #EP2019 raccontando cosa ho fatto in questi 5 anni da Parlamentare Europeo. Oggi vi parlo della mia attività in favore dell'innovazione della sanità pubblica.… #Caputo2019 #CosaHofattoInEU #Europee2019 #EuropaSiamoNoi

RT @LivinDylan_: RT @LivinDylan_: Wishing @lukeming the best of luck ahead of #EP2019 Sound man

RT @GoodwinMJ: New #EP2019 UK poll puts UKIP + Brexit Party on a combined 29% One will probably need to eliminate the other to top the elections

RT @TheProgressives: Check out the shiny new Twitter emojis on #EP2019 and #EUelections2019 As good a reason as any to remind ourselves that it’s only 43 days til Europeans go to the polls! 🇪🇺❤️🗳

Francesc Gambús (EU) retweeted @EPP :

RT @EPP: We have launched our #EP2019 Election Manifesto: ✅Boost living standards for all EU citizens ✅Stepping up the fight against climate change🌎 ✅Reducing red tape to allow SMEs to thrive ✅Fighting terrorism & organised crime👮‍♀ 👉

Guy Verhofstadt (EU) tweeted :

Bonne chance to all the @Renaissance_UE candidates for the upcoming #EP2019! France and Europe need a strong pro-European presence in the @Europarl_EN. Check the full list out here👇