All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @EP_President: Panie Prezydencie, Drogi Pawle, jesteśmy calym sercem z Tobą i Twoimi bliskimi, jak również z mieszkańcami Gdańska, którzy mają w Tobie od wielu lat prawdziwego gospodarza miasta Solidarności. Modlimy sie.

RT @EP_President: 🗳 ⚽️ 🥅 Vota per chi vuoi, ma vai a votare! Grazie ai campioni dello sport Damiano Tommasi e Dario Šimic e alla @FIFPro che aiutano il Parlamento europeo a diffondere questo messaggio. #Stavoltavoto soccer 🥅 ⚽ 🗳

RT @EP_President: 🎨 🎤 Are you one of the nearly two million creative and performing artists in the EU? Thanks to @europe_creative over 250.000 artists and culture professionals can work together across borders reaching new and greater audiences

RT @EP_President: Great exchange at #Europaforum today in #Wachau w/ @ArnoKompatscher, @Zoran_Zaev, Acting Federal Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein, @JHahnEU, Provincial Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Europa-forum President Martin Eichtinger & President of District Council of Bavaria Olaf Heinrich

RT @balla_taulant: TRUE. Opening of the EU membership talks with #Albania and #NorthMacedonia is an important support to the stability and the progress achieved in the Western Balkans.…

RT @NiklasNrdstrm: Tack till @MalmstromEU från oss i #Luleå. Vilket bra jobb du för att det ska bli bättre möjligheter med handel och export! @NorrbAffarer @Affarerinorr

RT @HilkoPert: RT @HilkoPert: @brexitcountdow1 @Coburn4Brexit We want NEXIT we are jealous be happy!!

RT @_ja_nick_: Wenn @nicosemsrott für @DiePARTEI in das EU-Parlament einzieht, wird er dann immer anders abstimmen als @MartinSonneborn? #jazueuropaneinzueuropa

RT @BillTenerife: All dog owners should give this a read, sometimes people dont think but sometimes they are lazy. Please dont be lazy, you wouldnt want your dog hurt, so please give a thought to the owners of horses. Thanks for reading.

RT @NorfolkGTI: RT @NorfolkGTI: .@SkyNews are fucking incensed with Boris Johnson snubbing their TV debate. Iv'e never seen their staff so rattled.