All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @asimusafzai: Two General rank officers were spying for western countries and then they label innocent, peaceful #Pashtuns & #Baloch as #traitors?!? #AskGHQ

RT @MPs80kBasic: @adamgarriereal @georgegalloway ''Off with their heads'' the sneerin Queen of Hearts NEVER so quik to label a non @UKLabour member (n praised by PMgn)? Plus the shouty man ravin from the comfort of his luxury sofa (who guests PMgn n fam to box?) made 4 against 1 in the Alice in Wonderland @GMB @piersmorgan show

RT @HistoryTime_: RT @HistoryTime_: 19 May 1978, Dire Straits released their first major label single 'Sultans Of Swing', recorded on a £120 budget. https://…