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We will keep the European flame alive


Ancien député. #Bruxelles #Benelux #Paris #Europe #transfrontalier #handicap #rugby #vinsnaturels

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @DVATW :

RT @DVATW: How will they try to explain this one away then? The invasion of Europe is progressing and civilisation is being slowly erased and replaced with savagery.

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @Imamofpeace :

RT @Imamofpeace: RT @Imamofpeace: The doctors and engineers have arrived to help build Europe.

Sophie in 't Veld (EU) tweeted :

Finally, we have a new Commission. Finally, Europe can move forward. I asked von der Leyen whether she will be a president for the old Europe or one for the new Europe. @RenewEurope

RT @eu_echo: Violence against women and girls is violence against the whole humankind, and should have no place in Europe or elsewhere in the world. Read the EU statement on the International Day for the Elimination of #ViolenceAgainstWomen.

Mariya Gabriel (EU) tweeted :

Happy International Students’ Day! Europe offers opportunities for students to unlock their potential, discover new cultures & thrive in whatever field they have chosen! #ErasmusPlus #LLL #VocationalLearning #DOT and more are all programs that aim to support our EU youth dreams!

Christos Stylianides (EU) tweeted :

“Baking Bread” with @GeorgMatthes and @vestager A journey all over #Europe through Georg’s book about bread recipes! Thank you for bringing us together tonight to taste Europe’s bread diversity!

RT @JunckerEU: RT @JunckerEU: Long live Europe! Lang lebe Europa! Vive l’Europe! ◽◽!mV68dP

RT @ALDEParty: It’s #DayoftheGirl! Every strong woman was once a determined girl – and we believe that every girl in Europe and beyond deserves to have the means to become a strong woman. Share if you agree!

RT @Here_She_Is_: "In Europe, we have the best-educated housewives in the world." This week, @SarahWagner_EU interviews @Trade_EU Commissioner @MalmstromEU about how we can empower women through international #trade:…. Visit today's #TradeforHer conference in Brussels!

RT @PierreGattaz: Nous avons besoin d’une Europe ambitieuse dans les domaines de la #recherche et #innovation. Depuis plus de 30 ans, les programmes de recherche européens ont prouvé leur valeur ajoutée, par exemple dans la lutte contre le SIDA. #Europe #RiDaysEU