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RT @MarkFoxNews: Just before midnight #OTD in 1805 Lt John Lapenotière arrived in London. He had travelled 271 miles from Falmouth with 21 changes of horses in 37hrs to give his despatch to the Secretary of the Navy, “Sir, we have gained a great victory. But we have lost Lord Nelson”

Rachel Reeves (Labour) tweeted :

THREAD: #OTD one hundred years ago, the first speech by a woman in the House of Commons was given by Nancy Astor, MP for Plymouth Sutton between 1919–45. (1/7)

urko aiartza (spain) tweeted :

Jon Paredes “Txiki” was born OTD 66 years ago. After being sentenced to death, he was executed at the age of 21 by a Spanish volunteering Firing Squad.

RT @wrkclasshistory: #OtD 20 February 1895, African-American abolitionist and advocate for women's rights who escaped slavery Frederick Douglass died in Washington DC aged 77 #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth

RT @TennisTV: RT @TennisTV: Roses are red, Violets are blue, Here's a @rogerfederer skyhook, From us to you ◽ #OTD @abnamrowtt

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RT @DannyDutch: George Harrison died on #OTD 18 years ago, this is from the tribute concert. 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' with Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and George Harrison's son, Dhani. You really should see the BRAIN-MELTING solo by #Prince starts at 3:28.

RT @CWGC: #OTD 75 years ago Corporal Thomas Priday became the first British soldier to be killed in action during #WW2 while out on a patrol his team stumbled into a booby-trapped field near the Maginot Line. He is commemorated by @CWGC at Luttange Communal Cemetery in France. #CWGCarchive

Chris Hazzard (UKMPs) tweeted :

OTD 2 years ago I joined Gerry Adams in what would be his last SF delegation into Downing St We said ther would be no hard border; no unionist veto; that we would protect the GFA & all-island economy Delivery like this requires a strong voice, not hot air in the House of Chaos

RT @OnThisDayPIRA: #OnThisDay in 1971 the IRA murdered Bridget Carr, 24. Waitress fatally wounded near Strabane 19th Nov & died #OTD From Gornatraw Co Donegal she was shot by murderers firing from south of the border at soldiers 150 yrds in to NI. She was behind the soldiers & hit in the head

Rachel Reeves (Labour) tweeted :

#OTD 100 years ago Nancy Astor was elected to Parliament. She was the first woman to take her seat in the House of Commons. (1/5)