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RT @VoteWatchEurope: Although not initially on t/ EC's policy priorities, #COVID19 catapulted healthcare to t/ top of EU's policy agenda. Check out t/ #InfluenceIndex - top 5 most influential MEPs based on political&social data: 1️⃣@peterliese 2️⃣@DolorsMM 3️⃣@VTrillet_Lenoir 4️⃣@Arlukowicz 5️⃣@pdsutter

RT @Arbejderen: Et flertal i Europaudvalget gav i går regeringen mandat til at stemme for EU's nye enorme langtidsbudget på over 8000 milliarder kroner.… #dkpol #eupol #eudk

RT @DarrenPlymouth: No better way to celebrate being back than a George Galloway #EU ROAST. "EU's courts, banks & now the army are all evidence of an onward march to a supranational state where democracy is an illusion" Gooo on George roll those R's. #Brexit

Tobias Clausen (denmark) tweeted :

EU's investeringsbank anklages nu for at ikke at have fuldt anti-hvidvaskreglerne i forbindelse med udbetalinger af milliarder af euros. Endnu en potentiel hvidvaskskandale. #eudk #dkbiz

RT @MehreenKhn: Violence against refugees and migrants is the new normal on the EU's militarised borders. NGO's raise alarm that EU's Frontex border guard force is complicit is breaking EU law. By @ErikaSolomon…

RT @PabloPerezA: RT @PabloPerezA: 25 years since the launch of "A common endeavour of the EU's institution".…

RT @10from61: @JoshuaYJackson He's talking absolute rubbish, The EU's 4th Rail Package expressly forbids rail nationalisation. The state operators in all EU countries have already separated infrastructure from operations & they're privatising right now.

RT @DrLeeJones: New York Times investigation finds the EU's common agricultural policy "is deliberately opaque, grossly undermines the EU’s environmental goals and is warped by corruption and self-dealing", fuelling "Mafia-style land grabs".…

RT @ratasjuri: A Clean Planet for All and supporting Green New Deal is EU's most important strategic goal for the future. Glad to say @EstonianGov unanimously supported reaching climate neutrality in EU by 2050 today.

Cecilia Malmström (EU) retweeted @lildec :

RT @lildec: @Trade_EU @MalmstromEU The latest analysis by our chief economist and the EU's Joint Research Centre sheds new insights on the gender-balance of the job opportunities supported by EU exports. Full report here:… #TradeForHer #EUTrade