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Margrethe Vestager (EU) tweeted :

It’s official: #vdLcommission #EUstrivesformore! Looking forward: Technology that serves humans, markets that serve consumers - societies where you feel at home, on our beautiful, amazing planet!…

RT @ddesesquelle: La Commission @vonderleyen succède aujourd'hui à la Commission @JunckerEU @CarrefourEurope recoit @pierremoscovici le tout jeune ex-Commissaire aux affaires économiques, financières et fiscales. Bilan #Juncker et défi #Ursulavonderleyen @RFI #UE…

RT @EC_AVService: 🎥 Ceremony to mark the start of the @EU_Commission and the 10th anniversary of the #TreatyofLisbon: Arrivals of @EP_President, President @vonderleyen, @eucopresident, @Lagarde, President of the @ecb Watch the video:!yw89vp

RT @EP_President: With the start of the new Commission and Council, today we begin a new European chapter. From tackling climate change to addressing the rising cost of living, Europeans demand answers. We must now work together to deliver on the promises of the last months

RT @EC_AVService: 🔴LIVE at 12.30 PM ➡️ Ceremony to mark the start of the European Commission & 10th anniversary of the #LisbonTreaty 🎥Watch on EbS+:!Qu79Nb 📺Watch on EUtube:

RT @cbischofberger: RT @cbischofberger: Mein Interview mit dem mächtigsten Österreicher in Brüssel @JHahnEU