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@EPPGroup position paper I aurhored> EU's response to the crisis in #Ukraine #Europe4Ukraine…”

RT @simplysimontfa: RT @simplysimontfa: Don't miss Dan Hannan on the EU's coup against democracy in Greece: Ici Londres: Greece: #ThisIsACoup…

Catherine Bearder (EU) tweeted :

Blog: new chapter in #EU's fight against #wildlifecrime is three-fold #CITES…

Roger Helmer (EU) tweeted :

Must read: Roger Bootle in today's Sunday Telegraph on the EU's endemic economic failure.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

We're voting on irregularities at OLAF, the EU's anti-fraud office. Turns out OLAF is a bit crap. Who've thought it.

RT @EPPGroup: RT @EPPGroup: EU's new strategy for #equality shd take into account key role of Member States @constancelegrip, Ildi…

D Campbell Bannerman (EU) tweeted :

What do we get when we 'pool sovereignty' with EU's foreign service? A diminished FCO & Russia bombers off Cornwall?…

Thankyou to @NeenaGmep for organising an excellent #Sikh Exhihibition week ending tonight in #EP with EU's Manjeev Singh Puri & many others

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (EU) replied to @RFERL :

@RFERL: Everything you need to know about EU's Eastern Partnership Summit:

David Martin MEP (EU) tweeted :

BBC News - EU's Ashton meets ousted Egypt leader Mohammed Morsi EU High REp for to meet Morsi since coup. Progress?