All deleted tweets from politicians

Bernd Lange (EU) tweeted :

Conservatives and Liberals are ready to sacrifice the EU's commitment to include the Paris Climate Agreement in trade agreements for useless talks with the United States…

RT @RachelWard83: RT @RachelWard83: The EU's GDP would be 1.1% higher by 2030 if the #ParisAgreement was fully implemented… via @finan…

RT @EuroGuido: RT @EuroGuido: Revealed: EU's Multi-Million Euro Bung for Remain Shills Airbus…

RT @Change_Britain: If the PM's Bad Deal and its backstop are approved, we would in future need the EU's permission if we wanted to leave the customs union and take back control of our trade.

Pervenche Berès (EU) tweeted :

Council's decision to remove Lichtenstein & Peru from the EU's grey list & Palau from the blacklist of tax havens under an opaque procedure, is an insult to honest European tax payers. We call for full transparency & scrutiny of their commitments @JeppeKofod @PervencheBeres

James Carver MEP (EU) tweeted :

Absolutely. History speaks for itself. Don't ignore to the EU's increasing military ambitions, which will eventually end Irish, Swedish & Austrian neutrality. The EU's counter terrorism coordinater conceded to me that they rely on "Five Eyes"(us) for intel…

Ashley Fox MEP (EU) tweeted :

UK's #25YearPlan & EU's #PlasticStrategy highlight how the choices we make can reduce #plasticwaste. Whether it's reusing your plastic bottle in @RefillBristol's scheme or getting involved in community projects like @BudeCleanerSeas we can all make a difference.

Carlos Moedas (EU) replied to @Moedas :

EU's #PlasticsStrategy on 4 priority areas: 1⃣improving the economics of plastics recycling, 2⃣curbing plastic waste and littering, 3⃣driving investments 4⃣and innovation towards circular solutions, harnessing global action Read more 👉!Cb99pN

The EU's utter delight at this Parliamentary vote does not come from vague notions of sovereignty, but from a belief that it will allow the European Union the upper hand in negotiations.

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