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Solly mZimanga of the DA says they are aiming for 27% of the national elections vote in this year’s elections... When you’ve accepted you’re a loser and there is no prospects of winning ... how will you be President Muruti with a 27% electoral support ? @MmusiMaimane ?

Buti Manamela (ANC) tweeted :

New Year’s Day Party...

RT @NomzamoMbatha: Incredibly honoured to host this year’s Nansen Refugee Awards in Geneva where we honour a truly remarkable spirit: Dr. Evan Atar. Visiting Maban, South Sudan and seeing his amazing work in providing health care to people forced to flee was deeply inspiring #DoItLuQuLuQu

RT @NomzamoMbatha: Congratulations to one of my life’s greatest inspirations, Dr Atar, who has just been named as this Year’s @Refugees #NANSENAward recipient. An honour to have met him in Maban, South Sudan earlier this year. Servicing over 200 000 people as the only surgeon at the hospital

#RotiQueen (ANC) retweeted @MbalulaFikile :

RT @MbalulaFikile: RT @MbalulaFikile: DA votes in next year’s elections…

DA votes in next year’s elections

RT @chestermissing: DA New Year’s resolutions: 1. Confiscate Helen’s phone. 2. Ask Mmusi how to say ‘Mabuza’. 3. Diversity training for Penny. 4. How to march properly lessons. 5. Organize Fun Run for Lawyer’s Fees. 6. Relationship counselor for 2019 EFF alliance. 7. Find more smear on Patricia.

RT @chestermissing: EFF New Year’s resolutions: 1. Study 2. Sell Julius’ diet 2 the ANC. 3. Go to court 4. Branding. Ask Floyd if next Porsche can be red. 5. Study in court 6. Remind Julius to delete Limpopo tender emails. 7. Get policies outside of land. Eg nationalize Twinkies. 8. Gucci overalls?