All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @grhutchens: My Friday column is up. I hope it’s an enjoyable read. Thanks for another week friends. Let’s spend this weekend with loved ones #auspol Past political lessons echo down the years…

RT @MariamVeiszadeh: RT @MariamVeiszadeh: Let’s all send @vanbadham some love because I know she receives immense amounts of hatred online following #QandA

RT @deniseshrivell: Let’s just imagine for a moment if nazi’s had infiltrated the Labor or Greens? Media letting Nats off the hook far too easily for this. Why? #auspol #insiders

RT @tanya_plibersek: Good on Liberal MP Julia Banks for her remarks this afternoon - let’s work together and accept New Zealand’s generous offer to get children off Nauru for good. This suffering can and must stop now.

RT @MurrayWatt: RT @MurrayWatt: Let’s see if the Morrison Government can insult every one of Australia’s neighbours by the end of the week.…

A robust democracy requires & expects more than the ability to voice an opinion. Let’s start with #goodgovernment #fairness #equality #respect #auspol

RT @amnestyOz: Think @ScottMorrisonMP missed the memo that #changethedate is about finding a day we can all celebrate together. Let’s understand the hurt this day causes Indigenous peoples and change the date to one we can all share.

RT @MurrayWatt: RT @MurrayWatt: Great to join you today. Let’s pay early childhood educators what they deserve. #BigStepsNOW…

RT @SenCarolBrown: The team at Ulverstone South going strong for Justine Keay @AustralianLabor candidate for Braddon. Let’s bring it home for Justine.