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Lid Europees Parlement voor het CDA - #EP2019 CDA plek 2 - Limburgse Europeaan uit Stramproy, houdt van voetbal, muziek en theater


Für Bündnis C (@BuendnisCinfo) Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments. In seinem Amt setzt er den Mensch in den Mittelpunkt. #EP2019 @ECPM_official @ecrgroup

RT @GielvdS: RT @GielvdS: Blij voor de PvdA, indrukwekkend herstel. Mooie uitslag voor links NL/Europa als de exitpoll klopt ◽#EP2019

RT @Claude_Moraes: RT @Claude_Moraes: Thanks to @EalingLabour friends & @RupaHuq @DrOnkarSahota for great session campaigning for #EP2019…

RT @Claude_Moraes: About to set off with ⁦@KatySClark⁩ & colleagues from ⁦@HammersmithLab⁩ for evening #EP2019 canvass ⁦@hammersmithandy⁩

RT @Claude_Moraes: RT @Claude_Moraes: First canvass with Labour members in ⁦@ThurlowLabour⁩ Dulwich & West Norwood #EP2019

RT @Claude_Moraes: What happened to the disenfranchised voters in #EP2019 is unacceptable. My letter to Home Sec. Inquiry now. Thank you @the3million@BritishInEurope⁩@lisaocarroll⁩

RT @danielmack: RT @danielmack: Von wegen, ◽◽ sei unpopulär. Das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Höchste Zustimmung seit 1983. #EP2019

RT @BakerLuke: The European Parliament is often derided as a pointless talking shop. The #EP2019 results should challenge that argument. The Greens have surged, their support will be needed on all legislation. They will push a strong Green agenda, making #EU a world leader on the environment

RT @BakerLuke: The morning after the #EP2019 election, @reuters sums up the result: pro-European centrists and the Greens are strong, and while the far-right gained, its support is fractured across countries. UK very much an outlier

RT @BakerLuke: After #EP2019 results, Macron is already courting centre-left leaders in Portugal and Spain. He needs to forge a social democrat/liberal/green+ alliance if he is to anchor a majority in the European Parliament. Key question is can he draw in some EPP members? Weber toast?

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @Gregiorius :

RT @Gregiorius: De partij van Macron waar @VVD en @D66 zich bij aansluiten in het Europees Parlement, die zien we hier in actie. #EP2019 Gewoon dat u het even weet zodat u achteraf niet kunt zeggen: "Oh maar dát wisten we niet"…