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RT @WPB_Hampshire: Should have left 3 years ago. The EU's free movement rule has encouraged the unnacceptable exploitaion of Foreign Nationals & the compression of British Workers wages, terms & conditions. Brussels is a front for big business using politics to fatten shareholders wallets #Brexit

RT @SkrotBudgetlov: Hørt! Hvis man ønsker en seriøs diskussion af budgetloven, er det nødvendigt at tage udgangspunkt i, at EU's økonomiske spilleregler er fejlagtige og misledende, skriver Christen Sørensen #SkrotBudgetloven #DerErRåd #HvorErDerEnVoksen #dkpol…

RT @DarrenPlymouth: No better way to celebrate being back than a George Galloway #EU ROAST. "EU's courts, banks & now the army are all evidence of an onward march to a supranational state where democracy is an illusion" Gooo on George roll those R's. #Brexit

RT @BakerLuke: EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier offers May his respect, in English... He seems to be suggesting that her successor may not be so intent on the "orderly withdrawal" aspect…

RT @10from61: @JoshuaYJackson He's talking absolute rubbish, The EU's 4th Rail Package expressly forbids rail nationalisation. The state operators in all EU countries have already separated infrastructure from operations & they're privatising right now.

RT @FatalePhlegm: @jarvo02 @georgegalloway @Slartib24574150 The #EU's unelected Napoleons and Caesars need challenging. They won't know what's hit them. #LeaveMeansLeave #Brexit #Democracy

RT @damonwake: RT @damonwake: EU's @FedericaMog urges release of journalists held in Venezuela…

RT @prohibition_p: Could the EU's co-ordinated approach to the #medicalcannabis market mean that the UK misses out on future opportunities? Find out in our in depth analysis:… #Brexit

RT @mattholehouse: EU's Tusk: "We should treat the UK with the highest respect, as we want to remain friends and close partners, and as we will still need to agree on our future relations. Neither side should be allowed to feel humiliated at any stage in this difficult process."

RT @Roger_Da_Costa: Britain used to conduct 12% of the clinical trials in the world. Now it is only 1%. What happened? The EU's Clinical Trials Directive. #BBCQT