All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @slcarers: Come along to this mornings Carers Meeting in the Stonehouse Lifestyles we’re here today from 10:30-12-30 along with @HearingLossIL and @Lan_Carers come along have a cuppa and a chat

RT @____Reilly: @strathearnrose @ChristinaSNP They are correct; we’re going to send the UK economy off a cliff. Scotland will be hit hardest, but apparently that’s Scotland’s problem, even though we overwhelmingly voted to Remain. You couldn’t make it up!

RT @AmyLeeMSYP: The room is filling up ahead of South Lanarkshire’s YOYP launch. We’re all set to start in a couple of minutes! Looking forward to hearing from @MareeToddMSP ☺️