All deleted tweets from politicians

@marc_rennard Hmmm. Let’s ask @holland_tom, shall we? He writes about Muslim Spain.

Vicky Ford MP (EU) tweeted :

yes! In 1989 it was Margaret Thatcher who first sounded climate change alarms at the UN In 1919 let’s thank @theresa_may for making sure ending climate change is her legacy.

RT @fiachramcg: This is SDLP member Kevin Breslin who has messaged myself this week now standing outside Brooke park. Let’s get out and vote for Sinn Fein today, a party that will fight tirelessly for Our Rights, Equality and Irish Unity.

RT @DominicRaab: Deloitte ranks UK top in Europe for Foreign Direct Investment - more than Germany & France combined. Let’s face the challenges & opportunities of 2019 with economic self-confidence. UK takes in $140bn over three years to top Europe for foreign investment…

Nigel Farage (EU) retweeted @Nigel_Farage :

RT @Nigel_Farage: RT @Nigel_Farage: Leave Means Leave LIVE in London. Let’s Go WTO!…

RT @RossThomson_MP: The @Conservatives have confidence in the PM. So let’s now come together. My concerns have been policy not personality. Of course there will be big debates & discussion to come on Brexit but It’s time for colleagues to stop talking about leadership, to be gracious and to move on.

RT @MyFreedomNews: Let’s try and get a huge vote for this twitter poll. Please vote & retweet. What is your preferred outcome for Britain’s future relationship with the EU? #Ukip #ForBritain #Brexit 🤖

Eric Andrieu (EU) retweeted @ceviwine :

RT @ceviwine: Let’s launch the debate, let’s share our world with EU 🇪🇺Institution #NutirionalLabelling 🍷🍇@V_Andriukaitis @EricAndrieuEU

RT @Econs4FreeTrade: RT @Econs4FreeTrade: Let’s call the EU’s bluff and prepare for a no-deal - @DanielJHannan…

RT @Telegraph: RT @Telegraph: Let’s call the EU’s bluff and prepare for a no-deal, writes @DanielJHannan…