All deleted tweets from politicians

Let’s listen to the voices of actual Chinese students speaking about the positive experience they have had. With no systemic racism and only 102 COVID-19 deaths Australia is the safe choice for students who want to study in an English speaking country.

Last time Scott Morrison promised #bushfire victims “immediate support”, only 5 loans got delivered. Let’s hope he can get it together now that he’s finally providing more @BOConnorMP #auspol

Nick McKim (australia) tweeted :

Huge turnout in Hobart for Council’s public meeting on hight limits for Hobart. Let’s look after our beautiful city for residents and visitors alike! #hobartnothighrise

RT @KKeneally: .@TimWilsonMP has entered my caption contest. Let’s dive into his views about “tax refunds” and “poverty”. Thread below 👇👇

Some great local work being done by @c_otoole, State MPs and Council. Let’s not forget Townsville when the recovery begins.

Sound familiar? Another PFAS? Let’s get serious about the human health effect of these carcinogens.…

As we welcome the 25th million resident, let’s help residents old and new realise there is more to Australia than the cities. The combination of regional Australia and new Australians has the power to transform communities - just ask Nhill in Victoria!…

We can have marriage equality by Christmas. Vote YES and let’s get it done.