All deleted tweets from politicians

We’re inside a Metrorail Train From Koedoespoort to Pretoria Station. The resumption of operations won’t be without its own challenges, cable theft continues to rob our people of their service. This we will continue to figh ...

RT @miss_zikhali_: Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to make this training a success. We’re taking our craft to the next level indeed. @NathiMthethwaSA @DitshegoMedia @TebogoDitshego @ArtsCultureSA #SocialMediaMasterClass

We’re inspecting the train that was involved in the collision. We’ve received the preliminary report and we do expect and in-depth one soon. #MbalulaInspection

RT @DlaminiZuma: RT @DlaminiZuma: We’re also getting ready the Protocol on free movement of people, goods and services across the continent.

RT @TheSAMAs: RT @TheSAMAs: From 1: 00am – 2:00pm we’re Twitterviewing @nathi_mankayi. Do you have questions?#SAMA22 #AmstelROTY