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לשעבר שגריר ישראל בארה״ב • חבר כנסת וסגן שר במשרד ראש הממשלה • Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. • Former MK and Deputy Minister for Diplomacy

RT @DeanPTSD: Time to speak up. The reaction of @Reuters to the release of this video footage on April 5, 2010 that shows a U.S. Apache helicopter killing Namir Noor-Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh in Baghdad was unacceptable.…

RT @TIME: Watch: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paused for 21 seconds when asked about U.S. President Donald Trump and the use of tear gas against protesters to clear the way for a photo opportunity

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @pdacosta :

RT @pdacosta: RT @pdacosta: ◽U.S. National Guard shoots and kills protester in Louisville.…

RT @Reuters: Protesters took to the streets in many U.S. cities over the killing of George Floyd, a black man seen on video gasping for breath while a white police officer knelt on his neck in Minneapolis (iran) tweeted :

4. Pay attention! U.S. & Zionists’ policy is staging wars in Syria, constant killings in Yemen, creation of ISIS in Iraq, etc. to divert world of Islam’s attention & provide opportunities for Zionist regime. The way to prevent that is vigilance of proud youth of world of Islam.

U.S. UNVAIL A NEW MIL SERVICE AS SPACE BECOMES A FIGHTING DOMAIN: Now seen as the ultimate high ground with wpns & surveillance placed in orbit. Disruption of our increasing reliance on satellites (GPS) for comms & to move data - would cripple our way of life. UK must catch up

Marian Shinn (DA) retweeted @SethAbramson :

RT @SethAbramson: MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Top Israeli Media Outlet Confirms U.S. Reporting: Trump Administration Was Aware of Coronavirus Outbreak in China—Via U.S. Intelligence—in November 2019, and Did Nothing Until Trump's Loophole-Filled China Order Took Effect February 2…

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RT @ajplus: BREAKING: Global #COVID19 cases have reached 2 million. ▪️ 1/3 of all cases are in the U.S. ▪️ Total global deaths now over 128,000

RT @camanpour: Iranian VP for Economic Affairs Mohammad Nahavandian says that U.S. sanctions are impacting Iran’s ability to fight the coronavirus: “The first step is not sending a little small package of medicine. It’s to take away, to lift the sanctions, on food and medical supplies.”

RT @husainhaqqani: My latest on the flawed U.S.-Taliban Deal and how the end of war in Afghanistan would differ from the end of war in Vietnam…