All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @Brexit_WestMids: West Midlands Citizens show your support for #TheBrexitParty ! Let’s #ChangePoliticsForGood ! We’re #fightingback ! Retweet ! Thank you 👍 for your support @Brexit_WestMids 😀

RT @JamesDelingpole: RT @JamesDelingpole: I’m thinking that any solution that says ‘let’s get @AmberRuddHR on board’ isn’t really a solution but a continuation…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Thank you, Maria. Now let’s get this thing done, end the monstrous culture war of the past three years and move on as a country!

RT @JasonCowleyNS: Let’s once again recall what Michael Portillo said about David Cameron on the day after the UK voted for Brexit: “The greatest blunder ever made by a British prime minister.” And, as the great historian Ian Kershaw said last week: Cameron will have the “opprobrium of history”.…

RT @Colmogorman: This is a great idea! Come on folks, let’s make this Yes mean even more. #ItsTime #VoteYes #Repealthe8th and help get a #BungalowForBrendan #Together4yes…

Martina Michels (EU) retweeted @Senficon :

RT @Senficon: How should we respond to the Facebook scandal? My proposal: Let’s demand more transparency, and let's end the arms race to invade our privacy to an ever larger degree in the name of advertising.

RT @ThatTimWalker: RT @ThatTimWalker: Legatum is being wound up. Goodbye to bad rubbish. Let’s keep an eye, however, on where its luminaries go.

Udo Bullmann (EU) retweeted @UdoBullmann :

RT @UdoBullmann: Our friends from @avaaz are facing a tough court battle against Monsanto. Let’s show some solidarity and help these guys get the legal counsel they need and deserve. I have just donated and hope others will follow.…

RT @orlanicbiorna: Join @M_AndersonSF this Thursday in the Titanic Quarter and let’s have a conversation as women about how #Brexit affects us.

The Presidents Club dinner dominated our news cycle for eight days. Let’s see how the Oxfam scandal measures up.