All deleted tweets from politicians

Vicky Ford MP (EU) tweeted :

Good news! This year’s #GiveUpPlasticforLent campaign helped @Tearfund to raise whopping £6mill for sustainable waste recycling facilities in some of the poorest parts of world including Pakistan, Nigeria and Haiti. Thank you @DFID_UK for £2mill

RT @TitaniaMcGrath: Suggested new year’s resolutions for our society: ▪️Stop publishing books by white authors. ▪️Eliminate male/female segregation in sports. ▪️Ban breastfeeding and raise all babies as vegan. ▪️Expand hate speech laws to silence wrong opinions. ▪️End the gender pregnancy gap.

RT @_bethbethbeth_: My Dad’s just told me that on New Year’s Eve, every single adult in the world will have been born in the 20th century and every child will have been born in the 21st century, and that’s the only day that’s true for, and my mind is suitably BLOWN