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Claude Moraes (unknown) tweeted :

He "warns" - because it's the EU's fault that the UK hasn't even begun to negotiate a replacement or new arrangements for EAW, SIS 2 database, adequacy agreement, Europol. Remember May's "Security Treaty". Haven't heard about that for a while.

Why we MUST leave the EU's customs union. My debate, on the BBC, with Labour's Seema Malhotra.…

A former (and, I hope, future) Chilean minister tells me. "Don't get too excited about the EU's FTAs with third countries. We have a better deal with China than we have with the EU".

First it was mangoes, now it's basmati rice. Brexit means getting away from the EU's anti-Indian protectionism.…

Britain First (unknown) tweeted :

COMMON SENSE: EU's cunning new plan to end the migrant crisis...stop selling boats to ... -… Follow @BritainFirst

Britain First (unknown) tweeted :

EU's migrant nightmare: Arrivals in Spain rocket as smugglers slash crossing price to £800! -… Follow @BritainFirst

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

This is true. It was the EU's rejection of such thinking that prompted Brexit.…

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Brussels corporatism kills. Literally. The EU's promotion of diesel led to thousands of deaths.…

Paul Golding (unknown) tweeted :

BREXIT: EU's fishing policy is a 'SOVIET SYSTEM' which kills a 'MILLION tonnes of fish ... -… Follow: @GoldingBF

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

Sure, Brexit might set a precedent for others. That could actually be in the EU's interest. My @Telegraph column.…