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RT @sqanews: We’re encouraging all candidates to sign up for MySQA – our online and text service. Sign up at To register you’ll need your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) and a valid email address.

RT @JustinTrudeau: We’re focused on keeping you safe and getting you the support you need. And in just a few minutes, I’ll be giving another update on our government’s response to COVID-19. Tune in here:…

RT @ASPolice: We’re trying to find missing Asima Ali-Taha. She was last seen in Counterslip, Bristol, at 3pm on Fri 24 Apr. Asima, 34, is Sudanese, lives in Redcliffe, 5' 6'', of a large build & had on a black & grey dress & colourful headscarf. Call 999 if you see her and give ref 5220090433

RT @revolution_raj7: We’re fighting pandemic & the government is busy in collecting taxes & GST on essential items like sanitizers, ventilators, PPE kits & medicines. Not fair ! @IYC strongly demands #GSTFreeCorona

RT @revolution_raj7: @IYC demands #GSTFreeCorona ! In this time of hardship, we’re paying: 12% GST on medicines. 12% GST on PPE kits, gloves & ventilators. 18% GST on hand sanitizers. 5% GST on masks. 18% GST on hospital furnitures. No tax should be levied on medical equipments to fight CORONA!

RT @EmmaVardyTV: So we’re having a bit of live Facebook fun on Friday night with this pub quiz. Open to all wherever you are!! Few more spots available if anyone wants to join us ⚽️ All for a good cause - just message the 8thOldBoys FB page if you’d like to join…

RT @DrPAhad: When threatened, a sequence of neurochemical events set off activating “fight or flight” behaviors. We’re experiencing ANTICIPATORY GRIEF as threat is still here & we feel uncertain over our future. List out things you CAN CONTROL to calm your system. #anxiety #mentalhealth ❤️

RT @3threewomen: The right to health is a human right. Despite candles, we’re in the dark. Who, what & how are we testing, tracing, treating & REPORTING in #covidindia? Why are the young getting #Covid_19? Bravo to @ShashiTharoor for getting 1000 #COVID2019 testing kits to #Trivandrum in a flash!

RT @Paul_22212: This is exactly the reason we’re doing #PCPanda #OperationBirthday So many amazing and deserving kids. If we can make even a little difference we’ll be there!!! 💙💙💙 @Sarahheath6694 @FezKhan

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RT @BillCorbett: RT @BillCorbett: Britney Spears and Fran Drescher both went full Trotsky today. Now we’re getting somewhere.