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RT @ratasjuri: A Clean Planet for All and supporting Green New Deal is EU's most important strategic goal for the future. Glad to say @EstonianGov unanimously supported reaching climate neutrality in EU by 2050 today.

Ana Gomes, MEP (EU) retweeted @business :

RT @business: RT @business: Angela Merkel blasts the EU's merger rules for failing to take into account growing Chinese dominance

RT @pascoesabido: @GheorghiuAndy @GreensEP European Commission facing some tough questions from @MicheleRivasi: what's the EU's plan for moving away from gas? How can we spend billions on new #gas infrastructure and meet #ParisAgreement? What does the COM think of #MidCat? What is @MAC_europa's plan to tackle #methane?

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RT @ALDEgroup: The EU's #agriculture is facing big challenges. We want to ensure our young famers' future and want to make the sector long-term sustainable and futureproof. How? Find out here 👇 w/ @UliMuellerMdEP #CAP… #AgricultureNews

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RT @MalmstromEU: RT @MalmstromEU: About #Myanmar and #Cambodia - the worrying human rights situation, and the EU's response. Blog post:…

RT @JamesERothwell: EU's idea of Canada +++ is not the Brexiteers' Canada+++. EU's version just means no tariffs and some security co-operation, but nothing like as much access on services as EU membership. Sorry to be a bore but I don't think the Tusk tweet is something to go wild over

RT @BrexitCentral: RT @BrexitCentral: EU's Barnier: We want an ambitious trade deal that respects the UK's red lines

RT @Facts4euOrg: This from EU's 'Foreign Office' yesterday. Unbelievable they can have forum in SA on South African human rights & fail to say 1 word about barbarous and systematic attacks on farmers. Read truth here:… #plaasmorde…

RT @GasFocusPL: EU's pipeline natgas imports from Russia at a near-record high of 15.5bcm in March, = 36% of total EU supply. Domestic production 23%, Norway 23% LNG 8%, Algeria+Libya piped 10% @ICIS_TTF #EU #Russia #gas…

RT @DimitriosGian: Falling back on "Divide and Rule"? UK is negotiating w/ the EU; not sure how going behind EU's back is going to help. Let alone this comes 2 days after EU fired Art 7 'nuclear option' vs #Poland, 1st time in its history. And what abt the #RuleOfLaw? via @guardian @jessicaelgot