All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @RenewEurope: RT @RenewEurope: Congratulations to @CiolosDacian, our new Group leader! Let’s #RenewEurope!

RT @AminaJMohammed: Let’s treat the earth 🌍 better. A clean environment is not a luxury. It is a right, and it is a massive opportunity for sustainable development. Join the millions determined to take #ClimateAction & protect the planet #EarthDay #GlobalGoals

RT @StandUp4Brexit: We welcome @theresa_may’s assurances today. Let’s carry on full speed ahead with #ManagedNoDeal planning and get a fresh negotiating team in place ready for when the EU decide they want to come back to the table. #StandUp4Brexit

RT @rodbishop15: Let’s be clear. Labours 6 tests are not tests. They are insurmountable barriers designed by idiots specifically to foil any deal the govt makes with the EU in the hope of forcing a GE to pass power to Corbyns Marxist Anarchist UK hating clowns.

RT @MaritimeUK: Today is #MerchantNavyDay! Let’s pay tribute to those who serve our maritime nation. Maritime is one of Britain’s biggest industries. Learn more:

RT @toryboypierce: RT @toryboypierce: Lord Mandelson let’s cat out of bag on @LBC says brexiteers ‘hate foreigners’. Typical view of the sneering metropolitan…

RT @OFOCBrexit: RT @OFOCBrexit: Let’s be clear: A vote where the people get to see the deal they’re signing, is far more democratic than a vote in the dark…

RT @TNavracsicsEU: Wrapping up lively #EUDialogues in #Dublin - big thanks to everyone who got involved and let’s keep debating! #FutureofEurope

RT @timewontwait: And another load of us watching what’s happening online. Let’s keep the pressure on the need for #collaboration #culture #europe…

RT @FashionREDEF: RT @FashionREDEF: Let’s not lose our thread (@ArneLietz - @ips_journal)