All deleted tweets from politicians

RT @nzlabour: RT @nzlabour: We’re looking after our environment with funding to create jobs to clean up our rivers, lakes and wetlands.…

RT @guywilliamsguy: We think we’re condemning them, but actually we’re helping them. Headling and pull quoting their populist rhetoric that a lot of people believe, or can be easily persuaded by.

RT @cjpoynter: I’m an intensivist. My wife is a public health physician. We always knew we would be fucked in a pandemic but we’re up for it. I’m not expecting to hug my wife or children for a couple of months to protect my family & do my bit My only request: Please stay home if you can

RT @NgatiBird: Thank you, Aotearoa for continuing to stay home. Your efforts mean we’re breaking the chain of transmission - but we aren’t out of the woods yet. Full guidance on what you can and can’t do at Level 3 can be found at

@moanatribe @SteveBraunias If follow you into battle e hoa. With lots of kai and alcohol obviously. We’re gonna kill it in there ✊◽

RT @NZPCommissioner: We’re deeply saddened as we acknowledge the passing of kiwi legend Sir Colin Meads, Patron of Police Recruit Wing 225 in 2005.

Every Kiwi life is precious. We’re getting through this, together ❤️◽◽

We’re working hard, and so are the essential workers, but everyone needs keep up the team effort to beat #COVID19nz. Thank you for doing your bit 🇳🇿

RT @PronouncedHare: This is probably a bit churlish, but if we’re going to successfully unite around this issue, I’d like to see more “New Zealand Government” branded information and less “Labour is delivering on COVID-19” branded stuff.