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RT @Max_Fisher: My editors asked me to write on what it would take to salvage Afghanistan I said it’s too late. We’re facing a spectrum of managed defeats, but, to avoid humiliation, are refusing them all, dooming Afghans to a pointless stalemate Write that, they said.…

RT @salarzai_: RT @salarzai_: And we’re here! #D-Chowk FATAdharna

RT @salarzai_: RT @salarzai_: And we’re here! #D-Chowk FATAdharna

RT @OhBrokenMsgs: RT @OhBrokenMsgs: now we’re back to how we started complete strangers

RT @asimusafzai: US President thinks "we’re being ripped off by #Pakistan", looking to halt military aid as part of #Afghan strategy…

RT @AllMattNYT: RT @AllMattNYT: Trump at CIA speaking to spies. Few weeks ago, he called them Nazis. Today: “We’re gonna do great things together.”

Donald Trump gave an interview this morning that should be shocking — but we’re numb…

RT @UNDP: RT @UNDP: This World Humanitarian Day, we’re celebrating women: @HelenClarkUNDP #ShareHumanity #WHD2016

RT @WWF: #Rivers are the earth's lifeblood. This #WorldRiversDay we’re celebrating the people & ecosystems that depend on them